Home Front

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Home Front
Home Front.png
Location: Vladivostok, USSR

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Eliminate all Allied activity in the area

[edit] Overview

As the Soviets continue their domination over the United States, other Allied countries are making an attempt on the Soviet Union itself. Korea has now mobilized it's navy and sending it to the Soviet port of Vladivostok. Your mission os to protect the port town from the invading Korean army.

[edit] Tatics

Now, this mission is for the most part straight forward. Though your first step should be establishing a strong base as you will have around 10 minutes before the Allies invade. Build enough power so you can build Rhino Tanks and Tesla Troopers (which are more powerful than Conscripts). You will also be given the ability to build spider-like robots called Terror Drones which can destroy an enemy tank from the inside. After 10 minutes, the Allies will invade the area and establish their own base to the east. Consider on building 10 Typhoon Submarines as they will use their own navy to attack you as well. as you have around 20 Rhino Tanks and 20 Tesla Troopers, command them to attack the Allied base. Be careful of the strong base defenses as they can kill off a good amount of your force.

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