Mobile Repair Transport

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Mobile Repair Transport
Affiliation Steel Talons
Cost 700
Weapon Repair Crane
Effective against Vehicles
Requires GDI War Factory
Build At GDI War Factory
Appears in Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath

The Mobile Repair Transport is the precursor to the Guardian APC, with no weapons apart from those carried by any passengers, the MRT instead carries a large repair crane and repair drones used to repair damaged GDI vehicles in the field. Because of it's lack of defensive weaponry, the MRT is usually placed in the center of armored columns or defended by support infantry who either walk alongside or ride inside the vehicle. However as of the Third Tiberium War the Mobile Repair Transport is seen only within the ranks of the Steel Talons as all other GDI divisions have upgraded for its more offensive sucessor the Guardian APC.

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