Nanoswarm Core

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Nanoswarm Core
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Cost: 3000
Requires: ----
Power: ----

The Nanoswarm Core is one of the Empire of The Rising Sun super weapons. This is a different super weapon that annihilates everything on target location, it's main purpose is entrapment of enemy units or protection. When you use the nanoswarm it unleashes a barrier similar to a dome shape that will trap any enemies, this is best use when enemy's forces are invading your base, an example of when more than 3 apocalypse invade your base and you have no defense this will hold them off for quite some time. This can also use as protection of your structures or units, specially when an enemy's super weapon is already ready to be launch nanoswarm protects it and your enemy won't be able to launch his super weapon upon your structures.

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