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The Brotherhood of Nod, often simply called the "Brotherhood" or "Nod" is a shadowy organization and is the primary antagonist faction of the Command and Conquer Games set in the Tiberium Universe. However during the events of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, The Scrin become another antagonist faction, they are not allied with Nod however. Nod is led by Kane a charismatic and cunning man who plans to spread Tiberium across the Earth in order to ascend humans towards the next evolutionary step. Nod forces are generally suited for guerrilla style tactics like small raids or ambushes then long drawn out battles. To this end most Nod Units are fast and agile if somewhat lacking in power. Nod technology is advanced and some say greater then GDI especially when it comes to laser weapons and Tiberium research.

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