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One of the two known cults within the Scrin, Reaper-17 is a savage and powerful faction that emphasizes on powerful ground attacks instead of the traditional Scrin air power. Comparable to Nod's Black Hand and GDI's Steel Talons Factions as a heavy powerful force. However Reaper-17 lacks all Scrin Air units save for the Stormriders and Drone Ship. The standard Scrin Gun Walker is replaced by the more powerful Shard Walker and the Annihilator Tripod is replaced by the more powerful Reaper Tripod. This tripod can like the Devourer Tank absorb Tiberium to increase its attack power. Reaper-17 Harvesters come with shields similar to those that can be added to Tripods. Reaper-17 also loses the ability to train a Mastermind unit. This also means that a Reaper-17 cannot have a Eradicator Hexapod with the ability to teleport.

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