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The Steel Talons sub faction unlike ZOCOM is a division of GDI that specializes in utilizing unique experimental technology and in providing heavy firepower and overwhelming force. The Talons were formed after the resolution of the Firestorm Crisis, by General Joshua Mitchell. Mitchell's belief in having more advanced weaponry than any Nod opposition shaped the Talons' combat tactics. Steel Talons is also not the official designation of the unit, the name was given to the unit by admirers in the media, notably the war hero Nick Parker. Because of their unique purpose, the Division is somewhat autonomous from the rest of GDI. The Talons also focus on armor superiority and tend to use less infantry then standard GDI forces.

[edit] History

The faction was a test bed for a whole range of military technologies, some of which were put into regular use by GDI forces by the Third Tiberium War. The division still uses mechanized walkers, such as the Titan and Wolverine since rendered obsolete in the Standard GDI army. Both Steel Talons versions have been redesigned since the Second Tiberium War.

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