Traveler-59 are a fast and finessed sub faction of the Scrin, favoring Mind Control and Teleportation over brute force. Their focus is not to directly engage an enemy, but to infiltrate and subvert through mind-control. Because of this doctrine, Traveler-59 specialises in infantry and has a significantly faster but slightly weaker air force. As a result Travler-59 cannot build Devourer tanks. Because the bulk of force field generators would hinder their speed, Traveler-59 also does not use force field generators making their forces more reliant on their speed to avoid heavy damage. Traveler-59's focus on mind control abilities has resulted in genetic modification to the Scrin Mastermind increasing its powers, and becoming known as a Prodigy able to mind control many units at once. A result of a Prodigy offspring attaching to a human host, the Traveler-59 Cultists have limited mind control powers and can thus overwhelm uprepared forces.

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