Yuri's Construction Yard

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Yuri's Construction Yard
Affiliation: Yuri's Faction
Cost: 5000
Requires: Starting Battle None / Yuri's Warfactory & Grinder
Power: + 25

Yuri's Construction Yard has the same purpose like the Allied or Soviet Construction Yards. It is still necessary to construct a base, or the armory structures still requires the construction yard. If the construction yard is destroyed you have no means of increasing structures and defense armory. Every commander should defend it at all times specially if an enemy commander's target is the construction yard, though you could create another construction yard but it requires two things a Yuri's Warfactory and Grinder with these two you can create a construction vehicle that deploys to a construction yard, If you have a money shortage you could have trouble creating it since it cost high. Great ways in defending a construction yard is using walls around it and placing defense armory around it.

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