Yuri's Warfactory

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{{infobox |title= Yuri's Warfactory |image= |imagecaption= |label1= Affiliation: |data1= |label2= Cost: |data2= 2000 |label3= Requires: |data3= Yuri's Barracks & Slave Miner Structure |label4= Power: |data4= - 25

Yuri's Warfactory differs from Allied and Soviet's Warfactory, it's outer appearance is beyond normal structure. The Warfactory produces tank and the Floating Disc unit can only be produce at Yuri's Warfactory. Without Yuri's Warfactory siege attacks from powerful specialized units of Yuri wont appear. It is advisable to destroy all Yuri's Warfactory as fast as possible once it's creating tank combination's.

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