The ZOCOM Insignia

Zone Operations Command or more commonly known as ZOCOM is an elite unit established after the Second Tiberium War which comprises the most veteran and high tech troopers within GDI. ZOCOM have been equipped specifically to tackle the Tiberium infestation and to begin the reclaiming of the Earth's Red Zones. ZOCOM units use technology that focuses on advanced sonic weaponry. ZOCOM troops wear special Tiberium-resistant powered armor allowing immunity from Tiberium radiation. ZOCOM has their own unique Zone Raiders a power armored infantry unit equipped with anti-air rockets and sonic grenades replacing the standard GDI Zone Troopers. ZOCOM Orca gunships utilize sonic weapons instead of their original weaponry and ZOCOM also receives the most powerful variant of the GDI's Shatterer unit known as the Zone Shatterer. ZOCOM harvesters are equipped with rockets to defend against enemy attacks. For these benefits however ZOCOM does not have any rail gun technology and cannot build Juggernaut artillery.

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