A House unfit for Rebels

A House unfit for Rebels
Allied Mission 2 U.png
Location: Osaka, Japan
Opponent: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Kenji Tenzai


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1. Destroy the 3 Nanoswarm Hives
  • 2. Destroy Kenji's Base
  • 3. Destroy the anti-freeze device
  • 4. Freeze Kenji's King Oni

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1. Repair the 2 bridges

[edit] Briefing

Commander Shinzo Nagama has been captured. But there are still former imperial loyalists in Japan. Only this time it is Commander Kenji Tenzai, and he has established his own base of opperations on the outskirts of Osaka. You are to defeat his army and bring him in, alive.

[edit] Tatics

This is a 2 part mission. First you have to destroy the 3 Nanoswarm Hives that provide protection for Kenji's base. The first one will have you destroy it with a force of Javelin Soldiers, use them to defeat any of the Empire's forces around the hive and destroy the Hive. The second one is surrounded by light defense systems, and you will have Peacekeepers and Javelin Soldiers for this one, destroy the systems around the Hive before you destroy it. The third one is surrounded by Wave Force Towers, and you will be given Peacekeepers and Spies, have the Spies take on the guise of the nearby Tankbuster, send one to a nearby Generator to shut it down, destroy the towers before destroying the Hive. Once you destroy the 3 Hives, Kenji's base is vulnerable. You will also have the authority to build a base. Build up your power and defense, you will also have the ability to train Cryo Legionaires. Hold ground until you have the ability to build Mirage Tanks and Athena Cannons, you might want to train some legionaires as well. The Empire will use another new unit, the Steel Ronin which is especially good at destroying vehicles. As soon as you have a good enough force, head towards Kenji's base. First head to the south east where you will find 2 broken bridges, train 2 Engineers and build a Riptide ACV and have it meet your forces, have the enginners repair the bridges to have some of the Empire's forces join you, then head to Kenji's base to the northwest. As you destroy his base, he will try to escape in his own King Oni, you will be given a force of Cryo Legionaires as well as Special Agent Tanya Adams, you will face huge forces of Imperial Warriors and Tankbusters, ahve the legionaires freeze them and Tanya destroy them. As your forces meet up with Kenji, have your legionaires freeze him and Tanya destroy the anti-freeze device behind him, whatever you do, DO NOT destroy Kenji, that will result in mission failiure.

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