A Monument of madness

A Monument of madness
Allied Mission 6.png
Location: Mt. Rushmore, USA
Co-Commander: Allied Crest.jpgCommander Warren Fuller
Opponent: Allied Crest.jpgPresident Howard T. Ackerman


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Destroy the Comm Tower
  • 2.Destroy the Rushmore Firebase
  • 3.Eliminate President Ackerman before he escapes

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Destroy the Power Plant
  • 2.Capture the Boot Camp
  • 3.Capture the Jefferson head control center
  • 4.Capture the Lincoln head control center
  • 5.Capture the Washington head control center

[edit] Overview

As the Empire's fleet of Black Tortoises are now beginning to sink allover the world, the Empire's campain for the world has came to a screaching halt. But just when it seems that the Allies and the Soviets were beginning to get along, Premier Cherdenko is now angry. This is because he find out about President Ackerman's secret weapon which is deep within Mt. Rushmore, and Ackerman is planning to use this weapon against Moscow, if he succeeds, the Soviets will surely retaliate. You are to make sure that Ackerman does not use his weapon. Special Agent Tanya Adams will assist you in this mission.

[edit] Tatics

There are 2 parts to this mission. The first is to destroy the Comm tower which is nearthe Park entrence, but it is well defended, have Tanya take out the nearby power plant in the area, but have her destry it from the northeast as she will be safe from the multigunner turret. Once she destroys the power plant have her destroy any nearby enemies, then have her make for the Comm Tower. after the Comm Tower is destroyed. You will receive a mesaage from Ackerman, telling him that he can still fire the weapon, if he makes it to the firebase, or if you try to make an attack on him the weapon will fire. Now, you will have a limited time to complete your mission though it will take Ackerman a while to reach the base, which has a force of Allies loyal to the President, and it is a strong base, with spectrum towers. Once you can build a base try to build a few air fields, so you can build Century Bombers and Apollo Fighters keep an eye out for Ackerman's limo as he apporaches the head control centers to activate other weapons embedded in the mountain, capture them to deactivate them as soon as possible by using an egnineer air dropped by a century bomber. Your movement on the enemy base should be with century bombers that can take out any defense, and use your Guardian Tanks. The enemy is going to attack you from the nrth, so build defenses in that direction. However, as the mission goes on, you will be given the ability to build Mirage Tanks with powerful spectrum cannons, this should make your mission easier to complete, build a good force of them to attack the base, and even the firebase. Then with the firebase destroyed, Ackerman will try to escape in his helicopter, this is were your Apollo Fighers come in handy, use them to destroy the helicopter, it is not armored but it is fast, so it is wise to have your advanced aeronuatics protocal acitvated.

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