Allied Ore Refinery

Allied Ore Refinery
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 2000
Requires: Power Plant
Power: - 50

The Allied Ore Refinery is an important structure to gain ore's. Allied's refinery space is large. All ore's are processed in order to exchange it to war fare funds used later for productions of other structure, infantry unit or tank units. Each time an Allied Ore Refinery is built, One Chrono Miner comes out from it, and goes to gather ore. Chrono Miner gathers ore faster than any other refinery. Allies are working on how to increase their supply lines mobility as now, they have succeeded in enhancing Chrono Miner storage space a bit. If there are your refinery was destroyed, it should be established immediately since Chrono Miners can only bring ores on refinery.

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