Barbarians at the bay

Barbarians at the bay
Empire Mission 7.png
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Co-Commander: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Shinzo Nagama
Opponents: * Allied Crest.jpgCommander Lisette Hanley


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Retake the forward bases
  • 2.Hold out for reinforcements
  • 3.Destroy the Allied relay stations

[edit] Bonus Objectives

[edit] Overview

As the United States is slowly succumbing to Imperial supremecy, both the Allies and the Soviet Union are joining forces to try to defeat the Empire of The Rising Sun once and for all, but the Empire has used a robotic President Howard T. Ackerman and evesdropped on the meeting between him and other Allied and Soviet officials, this is when Emperor Yoshiro gives complete military command to his son, Crown Prince Tatsu. He tells you that both the Allies and the Soviets are going to attack the Empire from the harbor city of Yokohama, your mission is to protect it and keep the 2 factions from going deep into Japan. The 2 factions will also try to destroy all imperial communications with a system of relay stations.

[edit] Tatics

you will begin in the southwest part of the battlefield, you will be given the ability to command the Empire's commando unit, Yuriko Omega. Use her to prceed onto the battlefield and to retake some of the bases that have been for some reason offline by the Allies. You will also have King Onis to use as well, use Yuriko to dispose of the small infantry by using her special ability, and have the Onis attack any vehicles that are in the area. Once to retaken the bases, buile a Docks core to try to use some sea wings for this mission, as soon as you have the resources, upgrade your dojo and train Rocket Angels to defend your base, as the mission goes on both the Allies and the Soviets will be in the fight and they will build 4 relay stations that will cut off any communications to the Imperial forces, you will have 15 minutes to destroy them. This is where you need to build a Nanoswarm Hive which will temperarily deactivate any of the relay stations as you build up a force that will destroy them, but first deal with the strong Allied and Soviet base that guards them, as soon as you destroy the Soviet base and most of the Allied base, use your sea wings (converted to sky wings) to destroy them make sure you have enough of them.

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