Chrono Storm

Chrono Storm
Chrono Storm.png
Location: Moscow, USSR

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Clear a landing zone for Chronosphere deployment
  • 2. Establish a base
  • 3. Eliminate Romanov's elite black guard around the Kremlin

[edit] Overview

With the Chronoshpere deployed and online. The Allies, can now storm the Soviet Union at it's very heart, at Moscow. Agent Tanya now has the job to apprehending Romanov. The Soviets have a strong establishment at their capital, and must be dealt with before she moves in.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with elite Navy SEALs eliminating nearby Conscripts. Have them destroy any Soviet establishment nearby and as they destroy enough of the area, you will have Chrono reinforcements and an Allied MCV. Order the MCV to take the nothern most wall and unpack. You must build up your base quickly and establish a strong defense, build a Barracks and train G.I.s and have them garrison nearby buildings (especially to the south where the Soviets will most likely come from that direction). Your first priority in this mission is to eliminate the Soviet superweapons (a nuclear Missile Silo and the Iron Curtain) the Silo firs every 20 minutes and the Iron Curtain activates every 10 minutes. Build a Battle Lab so you can train Chrono Legionaires, use them to eliminate the Nuclear Reactors that supply most of the Soviet basesin the area their power. Though if the Nukclear silo happens to fire, re-build your base again (if you have the resources). Once you cut power to the Superweapons, build 20 Mirage tanks and 10 Prism Tanks and have them either go right after the elite black guard around (with a Chronosphere) the Kremlin or storm Red Square. Re-Build your forces if need be. you can also build a Weather Control Device to elminate some Soviet forces.

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