Circus of treachery

Circus of treachery
Soviet Mission 2.png
Location: Krasna-45, USSR
Co-Commander: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Nicolai Moskvin
Opponent: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Shinzo Nagama


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Have Natasha proceed to the K-45 Launch Facility
  • 2.Eliminate the Imperial ambush division

[edit] Bonus Objectives

[edit] Overview

The Imperial invasion on the major Soviet cities has been averted. However intel has indicated suspicious activity around Krasna-45. You are to inestigate this and find out what is going on.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin the mission with 3 Sickles, so use them wisely, but luckily they can eliminate any inanftry units with minimum effort, and most of this mssion consists if it, just be careful with the defenses. Natasha is here as well (but controlled by your co-commander), head for the center part of the battlefield where you will see some caged War Bears eliminate the Imperial Warriors to free the bears, then head for the Northwest, where you will find trapped Tesla Troopers, free them to have them at your disposal, there are more troopers to free in the immediate southwest part of the battlefield. Then, have your forces move to free some more Tesla troopers in the northeast, then head southwest to the launch facility, it will be guarded by some vehicles, have at least one of your Tesla Troopers use their special ability to disable the vehicles and the rest of your forces destroy them, or use your Magnetic Sattelite protocal to eliminate them more easily. Once Natasha reaches the launch facility, you will have access to another protocal, the Orbital Drop. Then the cirus will reveal itself as an Imperial Base, use your Orbital Drop protocal to take out the Instant Dojo, eliminate any units that you come in contact with, then advance nothwest to the Construction yard destoy it with your forces, then you will encounter Yuriko Omega, use your Sickles to eliminate her as well as your Tesla Troopers, but exercise extreme caution when attacking her.

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