City of Lights

City of Lights
City of Lights.png
Location: Paris, France

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Use Tesla Troopers to charge the Eiffel Tower
  • 2. Eliminate all Allied activity in the city

[edit] Overview

As the Allies are beginning to lose the war against the aggresive Soviets, President Michael Dugan makes a desperate call to Europe to help him if he is to turn the tide of this war. The French and the Germans have gathered in Poland in hopes to defeat the Soviets and create a highway to Moscow. However, your mission is to attack the European major cities that the European forces left behind, your target is Paris and destroy the city with the Soviets' Tesla technology.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with only several units consisting of Conscripts and Tesla Troopers. You will also have the ability to train Crazy Ivans that can plant bombs that can damage or destroy buildings. Your first move is to capture the oil derrick to the west so you can receive more resources and build more forces to either make your force stronger or to replace any losses. Your best course of action is to have mostly conscripts and use the many buildings to destroy some Allied defenses around the city (just enough so your forces can move onto the Eiffel Tower) Once at the Tower, you will come across several G.I.s and Grizzly Tanks, use Crazy ivans to plant bombs on the Grizzly Tanks while your Conscripts can take care of the G.I.s, then train 3 Tesla Troopers and have them move onto the Eiffel Tower, once they come close to the tower, they can transform the Eiffel Tower into a guiant Tesla Coil, destroying any and all Allied forces in the area, though there might be some stranglers, use whatever you have left to eliminate them if need be.

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