Combat Engineer

The Combat Engineer for the Soviet Union has the same capabilities as the Allied Engineer does, but in recent studies, the Combat Engineer is not as smart as its Allied counterpart. But it can do the job just the same, there are only several differences. The Combat Engineer is armed with a small pistol which can defend itself, but not sufficient enough to really go into combat, and its special ability is building a Battle Bunker which costs a bit of money and takes time to produce.

[edit] Quotes


  • "You need an Engineer?"
  • "Yes?"
  • "Huh?"
  • "Wha..."
  • (Coughs)
  • "Somebody called for an Engineer?"
  • "What was that again?"


  • "I'm in good shape"
  • "Okay, okay."
  • "Yes, da, yes."

Capturing a building

  • "I suppose it has value."
  • "Hmm, might be useful."
  • "The Union takes what it wants."

Reapiring a building

  • "I've seen worse, you know."
  • "It can be fixed."

Garrisoning a building

  • "Okay, I'll go in."
  • "I take a break in there?"
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