Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Box
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PC, XBOX 360, PS3, MAC
Perspective: Isometric
Theme(s) Alternate History, Military, Sci-Fi(Futuristic)
Release Date: Europe: Oct 31, 08 Australia: Oct 30, 08 United States: Nov. 5, 08


[edit] Summary

The Red Alert 3, a new version of the Red Alert Series. This is a war waged by both Allies and Soviet and including the new army, Empire of The Rising Sun. The Soviet Union makes a come back after their loss against the Allies from the last war, They travel back in time changing the course of history to return the glory they lost in previous war. The period of time travel mission takes you far, thus creating an alternate time line where new technology has followed an entirely different evolution, a new superpower has emerged on to the world, and World War III is raging. The Empire of the Rising Sun has emerged in the East, making World War III a three-way struggle between the Soviets, the Allies, and the Empire with armies equipped with new technology and deadly weapons. New units have risen equipped with heavily armed War Blimps, teleportation, armored bears, newly trained intelligent dolphins, floating island fortresses, and transforming tanks.

[edit] Intro

As the Soviet Union was beginning to dissolve under the powers of the Western Allies, Anatoly Cherdenko and General Nicolai Krukov unveil Cherdenko's top secret project a time machine. Cherdenko uses the time machine to time warp to Brussels in 1927 where Professor Albert Einstein was attending a special meeting, then Cherdenko, some how erased Einstein from history. Thus turning the world in the Soviet Union's favor as they are now stronger than the Allies. But what they did not know is that they have created another faction, the Empire of The Rising Sun who are wanting to take over the entire world starting with the Soviet Union. The Soviets are preparing for an all out invasion from the Empire, as well as fight against the Allies in hopes to take over Europe.

[edit] Story

Blue Countries=Western Allies Red Cuntries=Soviet Union Yellow Countries=Empire of The Rising Sun
  • Eastern European Tentions

As Premier Anatoly Cherdenko altered history, he has brought on the tentions between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union in eastern Europe, there were some spoaradic battles (who fired the first shots is still unconfirmed) but this was a sign of a war beginning as the Soviets were driving the Allies out of eastern Europe, leaving eastern Europe at the mercy of the Soviet Union, however this would be a somewhat of a costly mistake for the Soviets as unbeknownst to them the Empire of The Rising Sun is making their move on their beloved mother land.

  • The War

The war begins as the Empire of The Rising Sun begins its run on the Soviet Union as the Soviets were consentrated in eastern Europe. The Empire found a few weak points in the Soviet Army in the north and even in the Far East, the Empire was successful at taking Soviet bases and even destroyed Soviet monuments, but when the Empire makes its move on the Soviet cities, Moscow and Lenningrad, the Soviets were ready and waiting for the invading imperial forces as the Empire made their run on Lenningrad, this is where the Empire was defeated by the Soviets, very soon the Empire was driven out of the Soviet Union. Then, the Soviet forces continue their campaign for Europe, they attack the Western Allies' rear in the financial capital of Geneva, as they take Geneva the Allies are driven back as the Soviets control almost all of continental Europe, but what the Soviets failed to realize that the Allies have rallied in Great Britain and was waiting for the Soviets' invasion on Britain, the Soviets were pushed back by the Allies at Brighton beach, this is when the Allies gained the upper hand as they reclaim Europe from the Soviets as they took Cannes and Heidelberg. Then, the Empire continued their campaign for the world, as Emperor Yoshiro sent out a message to the world stating that the Empire will achieve its "Devine Destiny" which is to rule the world, this caught the ears of the Allies and because of this has declared war against the Empire, they begin as they make their run on Pearl Harbor which hold many of the Empires important shrines and houses half of the Empire's fleet, but the Empire defeats the Allies easily, but this was mearly a diversion to lead most of the Empire's fleet away from the real invasion on the Empire's capital of Tokyo, but the Allies came against one of the Empire's Black Tortoises (island fortresses) and was defeated out in the Pacific Ocean, with that the Empire has deployed their Tortoises to every corner of the globe in hopes to mobilize their ofrces again, because of this both the Allies and the Soviets realize that not 1 of the factions can defeat the Empire alone, this is when the Allies and the Soviets agree to a cease fire and join forces to defeat the Empire, who around the same time began their own campaign for Europe as they believe that they can defeat the Allies and the Soviets at the same time, all 3 factions meet for the first time in Gibraltar the joined Allied/Soviet force defeated the Empire. Then, a secret mission which involved a disabled imperial flagship has information regarding to one of the Empire's Black Tortoises was underway, both Special Agent Tanya Adams and Natasha Volkova (reluctantly) worked together to extract the information and even secured ground for the Allies and the Soviets, both factions went up against a Black Tortoise in the North Sea, whcih was unaware of the Allied/Soviet forces being nearby and was destroyed, and very soon all of the Black Tortoises were sinking all over the world. But just as when the Allies and the Soviets were beginning to improve their relationship, American President Howard T. Ackerman revealed his plan to destroy the Soviet Union with a secret laser weapon deep within Mt. Rushmore, if Ackerman succeeds, the Soviets will retaliate, but the Allies acted quickly against Ackerman and eliminated him before he could use his weapon, then the Allies and the Soviets received information that Emperor Yoshiro called for an emergency meeting with the imperial generals in Tokyo, the Allies and the Soviets seize the oppertunity to bring down the Empire once and for all, however the Allies invaded Tokyo before the Soviets did as the Soviets were held up by a series of sidetracks, but they were costly for the Soviets forcing the Soviets to turn back, but the Allies went on to defeat the Empire at Tokyo. Then, Doctor Gregor Zelinsky defected from the Soviet Union to inform the Allies about why the war should not have happened and about Cherdenko's time machine and even about a secret Soviet base in Havana, as the Allies searched Havana to see if what Zelinsky's suspicions were correct, they discover that the Soviets were creating city destroying megaton bombs mounted on Kirov Airships they intend to destroy the cities in the United States, but the Allies have stopped the Soviets and destroyed their facilities in Havana. The Allies now make their move on the Soviet Union itself, they move on Lenningrad (which is still reeling from the last battle against the Empire) where they dsicover that Cherdenko is planning to escape into outer space with his space ship deep within the Peter & Paul Fortress, the Allies know that they have very little time to stop Cherdenko, they eventually did as they went on to take Lenningrad and eventually Moscow, Cherdenko and General Nicolai Krukov were sentenced to a Cryo-Prison, and the United States has sworn in the Vice-President, many believed that the war is over and the Soviets and the Empire are defeted for all time. But, what they do not realize that the real war is about to begin.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Minimum CPU Class Required: Pentium 4

Minimum OS Class Required: Windows XP SP2

Minimum RAM Required: 1 GB

Media Type: Download, DVD-ROM

Minimum DVD-ROM: Drive Speed Required 8X

Minimum DirectX: Version Required DirectX 9.0c

Drivers/APIs: Supported Direct3D

Input Devices: Supported Keyboard, Mouse, Other Direct Input devices

Multiplayer Options: Internet (TCP/IP), LAN

Number of Players: Offline 1-8 Players

Number of Players: Online 6 Players

Multiplayer Game Modes: Free-for-all, Team

Miscellaneous Attributes 3D Accelerator Required

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