Commander Kenji Tenzai

Commander Kenji Tenzai
Kenji B.png
Birthplace: Izumo, Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Portrayed By: Jack Yang


[edit] Overview (Real History)

Kenji Tenzai is another strong commander for the Empire of The Rising Sun. Kenji is a tough, strict but respected commander who has produced both fear and admiration towards his fellow forces. But, what kenji did not realize is that as he began his campaign for Lenningrad, the Socets fight his forces and never looked back. This is when he paired up with Commander Shinzo Nagama in Krasna-45 and established a circus there to lure the Soviets into a deathtrap, but heir plan back fired as the Soviets unleashed their surprise attack of their own, the orbital drop. The as the Soviets were being pushed out of Europe, Kenji believes that the Soviets will be weak again and decide to come into Europe along with Commander Naomi Shirada through the city of Gibraltar, but what kenji failed is that the Soviets joined forces with the more powerful Western Allies. But after the battle of Gibraltar, he disappeared.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

Kenji has formulated a plan as the Empire began to run into trouble after their defeat at Leningrad, to establish a base disguised as a circus at Krasna-45. But the Soviets managed to destroy the cirus and drive the Empire out of the Union. Then, as the Soviets began their assassination attempt on Emperor Yoshiro, kenji put up a very good fight against the soviets, but was defeated nevertheless.

[edit] Alternate Histroy (Empire Campaign)

Kenji was the man responsible for boldly invading the Soviet Union in the western regions, and he even lead the Empire's greatest weapon, the Shogun Executioner and defeted General Nicolai Krukov's forces at Odessa. Kenji would face off with Krukov again with the weapon, and defeted him again at Moscow.

[edit] Uprising

The defeat of the Empire at Tokyo had Kenji pondering on his service to the Empire, he wanted to drive the Western Allies out of Japan, so that his Empire will rise again, and he is dtermined to do so with a new force that he wants to use.

[edit] Quotes

"No need for formality, just call me Kenji. You better get comfortable about what's going to happen."

"My name is Kenji and I'll be your bully for today, let's start with a nice ripe spanking."

"Oh Look, it's a noob in training. Tell you what, I'll keep one arm behind my back."

"You probably think this is funny, well I have friends you know."

"Wait. This wet-nosed scrub bet me, just like that?"

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