Commander Zhana Agonskaya

Commander Zhana Agonskaya
Birthplace: Minsk, USSR
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Vanessa Branch

[edit] Overview (Real History)

Zhana Agonskaya is another commander for the Soviet Union. Zhana was commanding the Soviet army for a while now, as she can command its air division, where she is proclaimed to be the best "Soviet Air Commander". However she would back up her bosting when she commanded the Soviet forces in Vladivostok to drive the last remnant of the Empire of The Rising Sun out of their beloved Mother land and Crown Prince Tatsu's military castle. Though not a major player in the Soviets' campaign for Europe, though she did help the Western Allies destroy one of the Empire's Black Tortoises which was located in the north sea.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

Zhana was given the task of liberating the harbor city of Vladivostok, and she does as her forces defeated the Empire of the Rising Sun and mobilized the Soviet navy and she even destroyed Crown Prince Tatsu's military castle which was established there when the Empire seized the harbor city. Then, Zhana even joined in on the campaign for Europe, she lead the Soviets against the Allies in Mykonos, and extracted information regarding to the Allies' superweapon, the Proton Collider. Then, as Premier Anatoly Cherdenko made up a plan to destroy the allies at the Easter Islands, Zhana joined with the premier in this trap as she was the bait, then she received orders to attack the Allies, but as she defeated the Allies, Cherdenko sent her a message saying that she has outlived her usefulness. In response she goes against the Premier and though she defeated the Premier she was severly punished for her actions.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

Zhana was one of the commanders that was trying to defend the Mother land from the invading Empire of The Rising Sun. She tried to defend Stalingrad from the Empire as they were aiming for the monuments in the region including the Mother Russia statue, unfortunately her forces was defeated and the stsues were destroyed, she even tried to rally her remaining forces to try to destroy the transports that were carrying the parts for the Shogun Executioner

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