Crumble Kremlin, crumble

Crumble Kremlin, crumble
Empire Mission 8.png
Location: Moscow, USSR
Co-Commander: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Kenji Tenzai
Opponents: * Soviet Crest.jpgGeneral Nicolai Krukov


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Wait for the Shogun Executioner
  • 2.Destroy all Soviet forces and the Kremlin
  • 3.The Shogun Executioner must survive
  • 4.Destroy the time machine

[edit] Bonus Objectives

Capture the Soviet VIP bunkers

[edit] Overview

The Empire of The Rising Sun has proved that it is a superior faction. However, intel now indicates that the Soviet leader, Premier Anatoly Cherdenko's time machine has gone pubic, and caught the ears of Crown Prince Tatsu, and he suspects that Cherdenko intends to use it so he can change time and wipe out the Empire from history. Your mission is to storm the Soviet capital of Moscow and destroy the Kremlin and cherdenko's time machine before Cherdenko can use it. Once again, you will use the Shogun Executioner to help you complete your mission

[edit] Tatics

You will start from the south as some Imperial Warriors kill off a few Conscripts. Focus on building up your base as you wait for the Shogun Executioner, which will be about 5 minutes, but hold off the Soviets until then, build defenses around your base, so it can survive most Soviet attacks. As the Shogun Executioner arrives, use it to lay waste to Moscow, of course use caution with the Executioner, as you will fail if the executioner goes down, and this time you have to deal with Terror Drones that can infect the Executioner, but the executioner can destroy it before it becomes a major problem, but it is wise to build some Mecha bay cores to give it close access to service drones to remove the terror drone, the Soviets will also use a series of air units to try to destroy the executioner, and it will not survive without a considerable air escort, so build mechatengus or train Rcket Angels to help out the executioner, and have the executioner eliminate any anti air units, train engineers to captre Soviet VIP bunkers to expand your radar, as the executioner advances near the Kremlin, General Nicolai Krukov will try to destroy the executioner with his naval units, as soon as you can see a naval unit on your radar, destroy it. As the executioner loses health use tesla coils to help it recover, as soon as it is enough health, have it advnace towards the Kremlin, meanwhile, build a sysem of mechatengus and convert them into jets and have them meet the executioner to the extreme northwest before it advances on the Kremlin. Then, as it is in range have the executioner destroy the Kremlin with a normal attack than as you see Flak cannons being built as you destroy thr Kremlin, have the exectuioner use its special ability, to take them out eliminating the threat to your jet tengus, and use the tengus to destroy the time machine as it comes out of the hole here the Kremlin stood.

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