Deep Sea

Deep Sea
Deep Sea.png
Location: Pearl Harbor, HI United States

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Protect the Pearl Harbor naval base
  • 2. Eliminate Soviet activity in and around the Hawaiian Islands

[edit] Overview

With Washington liberated and most of the Allied high command back in the Pentagon. The time to turn the tide of the war in the Allies' favor is paramount. But the Soviets are not going to go down easy. They are now aiming to own the Pacific ocean by conquering the Hawaiian Islands and take the Allied Pacific command center at Pearl Harbor. Your mission is to protect the base and prevent the Soviets from securing a foothold on the Islands.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with some units. Your first move should be to bolster the defenses around your base as the Soviets will come down hard. Then, as the Soviets destroy the base to the northwest, they will establish their own base. This is where you must build a Battle Lab and build Destroyers as well as Aircraft Carriers to destroy the Soviet base. Though, you are not on a time limit but the Soviet base is capable of building a Nuclear Missile Silo so you must act quickly, and try to also focus on the Soviet forces on the ground as well as they will come at you not just at sea but also on alnd and in the air. Build 20 Destroyers and around 4 or 6 Carriers to complete your mission.

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