Eagle Dawn

Eagle Dawn
Eagle Dawn.png
Location: Colorado Springs, CO United States

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Keep Tanya Alive
  • 2. Recover the Air Force Acadamy
  • 3. Destroy all nearby Soviet forces

[edit] Overview

The Allies have beat back the Soviets on the Eastern Seaboard. But the Sovieta have boldly invaded the West Coast of the United States, allowing General Vladimir to take several Allied military bases in the country, this includes the Air Force Acadamy in Colorado Springs. Your mission is to recover the Air Force Acadamy with Tanya and liberate the immediate area around it.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with Tanya, and several G.I.s, Engineers you will also have the ability to command Rocketeers. Order Tanya and the Rocketeers toward the Air Force Acadamy. Have the Rocketeers destroy the Sentry Guns to the western part of the base, with the guns destroyed order Tanya destroy the Flak Cannons, by destroying the cannons you will receive reinforcements consisting of engineers, order them to capture the Acadamy and the base structures. With the base back in your command, build 3 Chrono Miners to gather the nearby ore, you can train more rocketeers and have them and Tanya assault a small Soviet force to the northwest, doing so will give you a box consisting of resources giving you more to build what you need to destroy the Soviet base to the east, build at least 20 Grizzly Tanks and 20 G.I.s to destroy the base. Eliminate any forces that get in your way and destroy the base, though destroying the flak cannons will give you more reinforcements, but if you still have a good enough force this will not be necessary.

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