Emperor Yoshiro

Emperor Yoshiro
Birthplace: Tokyo, JapanEmpire Flag.gif
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Portrayed By: George Takei


[edit] Overview (Real History)

Emperor Yoshiro is the strict and respected leader of the new Faction, the Empire of The Rising Sun. His forces consist of the most stringent military discipline and training, and thanks to his son, Crown Prince Tatsu the Empire's technology is arguably the best in the world, Yoshiro believes that if his forces utilize this new technology and their military discipline, they could be unstoppable in Yoshiro's vision of his "Devine Destiny" which is to conquer the entire world. He begins his destiny to conquer the world by attacking the Soviet Union though his forces are successful at capturing a few towns and Soviet bases in the north, but his forces would soon be caught by surprise by a massive retaliation by the Soviets. As his campaign for the Soviet Union has failed, Yoshiro begins to send out his system of "Black Tortoises" floating island fortresses, one of these fortresses was in the north sea, but then as the Allies were defeating the Soviets in Europe, they joined forces to try to defeat the Empire, they eventually found out how to destroy the Black Tortoises, then Yoshiro calls for a meeting of the Imperial generals at the Empire capital of Tokyo, unfortunately the Allies find out and defeated the Empire at the capital. After his beloved Empire's defeat against the Allies, Yoshiro has taken his own life by Seppuku, leaving the command of his forces to his son Tatsu, who may rise up against the Western Allies to help the Empire become a powerful faction once again.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

Emperor Yoshiro's campaign for the Soviet Union came out very well. But very soon, his forces ran into trouble when his forces made their run on Lenningrad, in hopes of luring the Soviets into a trap, his commanders have established a base in Krasna-45 disguised as an amusement park. But his plan will fail, and soon his forces were driven out of the Union and back to Japan. Yoshiro would face the Soviets again as Premier Anatoly Cherdenko ordered his assassination, but the clever emperor used a look-a-like to lure the small Soviet platoon into a trap and capture them, but soon the Sovets would use a huge force to storm past his best commanders that he had on reseve and even destroyed his palace at Mt. Fuji, in a last ditch effort Yoshiro used his makeshift King Oni in hopes to defeat the Soviets, but he would fail and with that he died at the Soviets' hand.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

Emperor Yoshiro had made his campaign for the Soviet Union was underway. His forces have easily defeated the Soviets in numerous areas and even captured some of the Union's major cities, as the Empire was succeeding in the Soviet Union, he went and made a message to the rest of the world that the Empire of The Rising Sun will conquer the world as it is their "Devine Destiny" to do so, because of this something he did not expect happen, the Western Allies have officialy delcared war on the Empire, they made their move in the pacific, first it was Pearl Harbor which not only had important Imperial shrines (replacing an American naval base) but houses half of the Empire's fleet. the Empire was successful in keeping the Allies from destroying Pearl Harbor. Then the Empire realizes that the Allies are already making their move to invade Japan, the Empire again defeats the Allies at sea, thus gaining complete control over the Pacific rim, with that Yoshiro makes a move to cripple the Allies, by taking the United States, and he does so by controling the American media at its source in Santa Monica. Then as the Allies and the Soviets were joining forces, the Empire used a robotic President Howard T. Ackerman to listen onto the meeting, and this is when they find about Premier Anatoly Cherdenko's time machine. Yoshiro hands over the command of the Imperial forces to his son, Crown Prince Tatsu, who tells the Empire to move and defend Japan from the conjoined Allied/Soviet force at yokohama, and eventually Cherdenko's time machine and even defeated the Allies and the Soviets at Amsterdam, thus the Empire's "Devine Destiny" was realized.

[edit] Quotes

"The Imperial war machine has been unleashed. Do not struggle against what is inevitable. Anyone who gets in the way of our devine destiny will be swept aside by the march of history. You will bow before us or you will cease to exist."

"Today is the day that destiny has promised us. No longer will we suffer the abyssment and the corruption of the foriegn barbarians, for as they battled amongst themselves, we have resurected our realm, creating the new Empire of The Rising Sun."

"Citizens of the world, the Empire of the Rising Sun has risen. The day of our destiny has arrived. Do not struggle against what is inevitable. The Soviets have resisted, and payed for their arrogance. Do not make the same mistake. Survival is not not a matter of chance but a matter of chioce. Life or extinction, it is up to you."

"Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is a true warrior who can master both."

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