Unit type: Field Support
Country of origin: United States
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 500
Trained at: Boot Camp
Requires: N/A
Special Ability: First-Aid Tent
The Engineer is the technological support unit on the battlefield. It can repair most structures and even bridges via their huts. He even has rewiring techniques, so if an engineer gains entry to an enemy base structure, it becomes his commander's structure and able to build or train units of that specific structure.

In Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, the Allied Engineer has a special ability to set up a first aid tent, which gives infantry a place to heal themselves within the tent's radius. The only drawback to the engineer is that he has no means of defending itself or even engage in combat.

[edit] Quotes


  • "On time as always."
  • "I have the tools."
  • "Need a repair?"
  • "Tools ready."
  • "I've got the knowledge."
  • "Hey there, command."
  • "Hello? Hello?"
  • "Oh, hi."


  • "Moving."
  • "Yes, sir."
  • "I won't be late."
  • "Whatever you say, sir."
  • "Excelciar."

Capturing a building

  • "Got the plans, right here."
  • "Studdying blueprints."
  • "I know this part."
  • "Piece of pie."

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