Field Marshal Robert Bingham

Field Marshal Robert Bingham
Birthplace: London, Great BritainEU Flag.gif
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: Jonathan Pryce

[edit] Overview (Real History)

Field Marshal Robert Bingham has been the commanding general of the Western Allies for a long time, though he was once a general of the British Royal army, now he has moved up to the ranks of Allied Field Marshal.He has seen on how the Allies were defeated at Geneva, which was a substantial loss for the Allies. Bingham now grows very cautious about the invading Soviets as they make their move towards his home country, but then as a quick Allied retaliation was successful, he became more determined to defeat the Soviets, then he receives word about a cease fire from the Soviets as they need help to defeat the Empire of The Rising Sun, the Allies do help the Soviets in fighting the Empire eventually both factions came up to Black Tortoises and destroyed it. Bingham even witnessed the secret weapon revealed by President Howard T. Ackerman and about to fire on Moscow, but the Allies eliminated the president, then Bingham saw the Allies decisive victory over the Empire at their capital of Tokyo. After the Allies victory over the Empire, Soviet scientist Doctor Gregor Zelinsky spilled the beans about Premier Anatoly Cherdenko's secret time machine, and are going to secretly attack the United States with megaton bombs. Then, Bingham found out Cherdenko's hiding place in Lenningrad, and ordered the Allies to capture Cherdenko before he could escape to outer space. Now with the Allies' complete victory over the 2 other factions, Bingham now looks forward to the occupations, but has to be aware of a possible uprising of the 2 defeated factions.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet History)

Robert Bingham has massed a lot fo the Allied forces in Europe as the Soviet Union invaded. The Allies suffered heavy losses in both Geneva and Mykonos. Then, Bingham moved forces to make a last stand for Europe in Iceland, but this would fail as the Soviets now control the entire continent of Europe. Then, as the Soviets assassinate Emperor Yoshiro and take over his Empire, Bingham was received a message from the Soviets to head for Easter island and discuss on how to end the war, but this was actually a plan to eliminate Bingham and his forces at Easter island, he fell to the Soviets in a short battle.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

As the Soviet Union was falling to the Empire of The Rising Sun, Bingham knew that it was only a matter of time before the Empire turned their attention to the Western Allies, then as Emperor Yoshiro made his message to the world, the Allies decleared war on the Empire. As the Allies met the Empire for the first time at Pearl Harbor, the Empire defeats the Allies. Then, as the Allies tried to move on the country of Japan, but they met the Empire's mighty Black Tortoise in the open pacific ocean, where the Allies are again defeated. Then, the Empire seizes the oppertunity to take control the United States, they did as they defeat the Allies once again, and capture the U.S.' media centers. As the United States falls to imperial supremecy, Bingham, receives a call from President Howard T. Ackerman and they along with Premier Anatoly Cherdenko and Doctor Gregor Zelinsky discuss on joining forces in hopes to defeat the Empire once and for all. But Bingham, Cherdenko and Zelinsky discover that Ackerman is actually a robot created by th Empire to infiltrate this meeting, and because fo this the joined Allied/Soviet force were defeated at Yokohama. Then as the Soivet Union fell to the Empire, Bingham would face the Empire himself at Amsterdam, but was defeated along with the rest of the Soviet army as the Empire went on to conquer the world.

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