Flak Trooper

Flak Trooper
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Cost: 300
Weapon: Hand Flak Cannon
Build at: Soviet Barracks

Flak Troopers are convicts that are serving out their sentence by lugging about powerful flak cannons that are effective against vehicles and aircraft. Against all targets, the Flak Trooper inflicts splash damage over a small radius. Though weak individually, the Flak Troopers deal significant damage in a short time when in numbers. Due to their abysmal damage against infantry, they are often seen when surrounded by plentiful Conscripts and War Bears. Their special ability switches from the flak cannon to magnetic mines. Providing that the Flak Trooper gets in close enough, the mines will latch on to the vehicle and deal continuous damage in a manner not dissimilar to a Terror Drone. If the Flak Trooper in question is crushed by any vehicle, the mines will detonate dealing excellent damage to the mined vehicle.

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