Country: United States
Locale Type Tourist Destination
Population: 18 Million

[edit] Real History

Founded by Juan Ponce De Leon in 1513, Florida quickly became a hub for both French and Spanish trades. Over the years, the French and the Spanish have even began to colonize in Florida the Spanish were first by establishing the first European colony in America, St. Augustine. Then, as other European countries were coming to this new world, a lot of them began to fight, and in the 1750's, the British and the French began the French and Indain war. This war would be fought for a decade eventually the spanish wouldcome in and aid the French, but despite this Britain won the war, as for a lot of French territory being relenquished by the British, Florida was also given tot he British by the Spanish. Then , after the American revolution. the Americans gave Florida back to the Spanish. In the early 19th century, as settlers bought the Louisiana Territory from the French, President James Madison had also bought western Florida and after the war of 1812 and sever wars between American soldiers and Native American Indians, Eastern Florida also became a prt of the United States. Now, Florida is not only a good place to live (and retire) but is a huge tourist area. Florida is home to several famous themeparks such as Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. Miami ia also the state's biggest city, and it is one of the 3 states that has plam trees.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviets seize some areas in the United States. Romanov orders his forces to attack the eastern Florida coast where the Allies have a strong naval base that can strike anywhere in the eastern seaboard, once destroyed, this would weaken the Allied navy and secure the Soviet occupation on the east coast of the United States.
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