Forever sets the sun

Forever sets the sun
Allied Mission 7.png
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Co-Commander: Allied Crest.jpgCommander Lisette Hanley
Opponents: * Empire Crest.jpgCommander Shinzo Nagama


[edit] Primary Objetive

  • 1.Hold out for Soviet Reinforcements
  • 2.Transport an MCV across the harbor
  • 3.Take out the Imperial military
  • 4.Sink Crown Prince Tatsu's fleet

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Destroy the Imperial Blockade

[edit] Overview

President Howard T. Ackerman's potential threat on the Soviet Union has been averted. Now both the Allies and the Soviets seize the opportunity to eliminate the Empire of The Rising Sun once and for all. There are reports that Emperor Yoshiro is calling for a emergency meeting with all of the Imperial generals at the Empire's capital of Tokyo. Both the Allies and the Soviets are organizing an offensive at the capital to eliminate all of the important generals, crippling the Empire's armed forces. However, the Soviets will be late arriving to assist you in Tokyo, so hold off the forces and destroy the blockade in the meantime.

[edit] Tatics

Youw ill start off on constructing a base, build and upgrade right away so you can have quick access to your powerful units. Build a Chronosphere because you will need it as this mission goes on. About 5 or 6 minutes is how long that the Soviets will take to arrive in Tokyo. Train Peacekeepers and it is good to have a shipyard to build a series of Assault Destroyers, it is also a good ides to have some Century Bombers as well. Build defenses all around your base to fend off the attackers, if you have enough Assault Destroyers, you may even defeat the strong blockade, but no matter if you destroy the blockade or not, after the 5 or 6 minutes, you will receive word that the Soviets are not able to help you at Tokyo, and the Empire will also activate their superweapon, the Psionic Decimator and it will destroy your base in save your construction yard and your Chronoshpere, this is where you have to chronoshift your construction yard to the Northeast part of the battlefield, and rebuild your base and recover your lost power, once you have full authoity to use your powerful units, your first move is to destroy the 3 Psionic Decimators and the 3 Nanoswarm Hives, eliminating a huge threat to your base. Build defenses on both the southwest the west and the south, as the Empire will attck you from those 3 directions. After you destroyed all of the Empire's superweapons, the time to destroy their military facilities will come, first attack the one that is near your base, buile Mirage Tanks, Athena Cannons (you will have ability to build these units at this point) and it is also wise to build some IFVs since the Empire will use Rocket Angels, take out the base that is next to the facility, and then destroy the facility. The one in the extreme southeast will have to be the work of your navy, so make sure you have a shipyard and build Assault destroyers and even some Aircraft Carriers to make easy work of the facility, but your naval units will not be done, as Crown Prince Tatsu will challenge you with a mighty fleet of his own, build a few Cryocopters for the Shogun Battleships. After dealing with Tatsu, go for the Facility which is on the island to the west, attack it first with your Century Bombers to weaken a strong base surrounding the facility, then use Mirage Tanks and Athena Cannons and chronoshift them onto the island, some Aircraft Carriers will not hurt. The military facility to the far west of the battlefield should be your last, as it can be dealt with easily, again use your Mirage tanks and Athena Cannons to destroy it, but first deal with any defenses that surround the facility, than destroy the facility. Whatever happens in this battle, beware of Yuriko Omega.

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