Gattling Cannon

Gattling Cannon
Gattling Cannon.jpg
Affiliation: Yuri's Faction
Cost: 1000
Requires: Psychic Radar
Power: - 50

The Gattling Cannon very deadly against enemy's on the air. This will not allow any enemy aircraft's to pass over them without getting heavily damage. Once gattling cannon spotted an enemy they will engage firing until it retreats or is destroyed. Also gattling cannon has an ability while gunning the enemy the longer it takes time on one target the faster the gattling cannon fires, if it reach it maximum spin you can deal heavy damage. This ability is best used against Soviet's Kirov Airship. Gattling Cannon is not only made for air defense, it is also very effective in eliminating any enemy Infantry's and Tank units. The range of gattling cannon on ground and air is short. Thus showing it's main weakness against long range infantry or tank units. A combination move also can be made with this defensive structure, by deploying a Magnetron beside the gattling cannon while an enemy tank approaches the magnetron will draw it closer on air while gattling cannon shoots it down.

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