General Ben Carville

General Ben Carville
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas USA
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: Barry Corbin

General Ben Carville is both a General of the US Army, and the commanding general of the Western Allies in Command & Conquer:Red Alert 2. Carville was at the Pentagon only to find out that there were massive Soviet units trying to invade the United States as there were Soviet aircraft and naval units along the west and east coasts of the country, and ground units coming from Mexico. As the war between the Allies and the Soviets escalated, he commanded the forces to hold the line in the United States and even kept up to speed on what the Soviets were up to. Then as Yuri built a Psychic Beacon on Washington D.C. Carville along with President Michael Dugan were the infected subjects in the city, but the Allies destroyed the Beacon, both Dugan and Carville fled to Canada, Carville still commanded the allies who are still fighting the Soviets in the United States, even destroyed a psychic amplifier in Chicago, only to have it nuked by General Vladimir. Then, he orders the Allies to liberate Washington D.C form the Soviets and move the Allied high command to return where they belong. Then as the Allies gained the upper hand in the war, Carville was told to head to Berlin Germany, to talk about the apprehending of Premier Alexander Romanov. But was killed by a Crazy Ivan. But as the battle against Yuri began a few months after the Allies defeated the Soviets, the Allies used Einstein's time machine to travel back in time to stop Yuri's psychic dominator system, while meeting with Carville again and even warning hm about his untimely end. This is when Carville involves himself in the fight against Yuri.

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