General Vladimir

General Vladimir
Birthplace: Stalingrad, USSR
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Adam Greggor

[edit] In The Allied Campaign

General Vladimir is one of the finest generals for the Soviet Union in Red Alert 2. As the Soviet Union boldly invaded the United States, Vladimir was sent in from Mexico and attacked severl key Allied locales in the U.S. especially the Air Force Acadamy in Colorado Springs, But as he was occupying the Acadamy, it was taken by the Allies led by Special Agent Tanya Adams. Then Vladimir headed east and took Chicago to activate Yuri's psychic amplifier which would make the enitre U.S. submit to the will of the Soviet Union, but the Allies would destroy the amplifier before it would be acitvated. But Vladimir would have a backup plan a Nuclear Missile Silo, which he used against Chicago and destroyed the enitre city, but as the Allies liberated Washington D.C. Vladimir turned his focus to Pearl Harbor as he wanted to take the superiority of the pacific to the Soviet Union but he would fail and was eventually captured by the Allies after the battle.

[edit] In The Soviet Campaign

General Vladimir a loyal and a veteran general of the soviet union, He is also the senior commander of the soviet. He is well trusted by Premier Alexander Romanov specially on soviet missions. Vladimir headed the attack of a naval base in Florida, Though Vladimir lacked military achievement he was supposed to be sent to protect Vladivostok a region located at the far east of Russia but Yuri created an alibi which led to the decision of Premier Romanov to promote Yuri as the new General of Soviet Union. Yuri then assassinated Premier Romanov blaming Vladimir for it, Soviet troops moved to capture Vladimir but he fought against them he was over powered by the soviet. Yuri then used his psychic mind control to eliminate Vladimir.

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