Harbinger Gunship

Harbinger Gunship
Harbinger Gunship.jpg
Type Advanced Anti-Surface
Country of Origin: United States
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 3,600
Built at: Airfield
Requirements: * Defense Bureau
  • Max Clearence
Special Ability: Chain Guns

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

The Allies are always trying to upgrade their airborne arsenal as they ahve a very elaborate air system which helped them defeat the other factions in the last war. Again, with the help of Futuretech, the Allies have developed another air unit that can help with their forces on the ground, the Harbinger Gunship. Unlike the Cryocopter, the Harbinger Gunship uses real physical weaponry to promote terror amongst the enemy on the ground, its mini [plasma cannons can devestate any enemy unit on the ground. It can also use a chain gun to help eliminate infantry as well.

  • Limitaions

Because this is an air unit, and like all other air units, it is vulnerable to anti-air fire either it be from an infantry unit, or a vehicle or even anti-air artillery. But because the Gunship can take them out without much troube, they do not pose a real hazard. But what it really needs to look out for is air superiority units suchas the MiG Fighter and the Mecha Tengu/ Jet Tengu. They also do not stay in one place, so it is easy to lose them and hard to select them.

[edit] Quotes

  • Ready
  • "Gunship all checked out"
  • "Wanna give 'em the bad news?"
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