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Tiberium also known as 'Ichor' by the Scrin is a mysterious crystal that was discovered on the planet in 1995. The highly radioactive and poisonous mineral has been valued greatly for as long as it been discovered on Earth, and has been used by both the Brotherhood of Nod and the GDI as a form of currency.

Tiberium is the main resource in all Tiberium Universe games.

Usually green in color, Tiberium is named after the Tiber river in Italy where it was first discovered, although Kane asserts that he himself discovered it and named it after the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Tiberium extracts metals and minerals out of the soil, forming them in crystals which can be easily collected and processed. However this leaves the landscape barren and devoid of life leaving the ground useless for agriculture and in many cases unsuitable for human life. Harvesters collect the crystal by sweeping it up from the ground. Many theories exist on what Tiberium is. A leading expert on Tiberium , Dr. Mobius, believed that Tiberium itself is a lifeform. However most people seem to agree that Tiberium came from space and is not of earthly origin.

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