Birthplace: Unknown (But is a native to Japan)
Affiliation: N/A
Portrayed By: Julia Ling

Izumi is supposedly the sister of Yuriko Omega. During the war, as the Empire of The Rising Sun was driven out of the Soviet Union and fighting the Western Allies in the pacific, some type of Allied operation has captured 2 subjects which were in the secret "Omega" project and imprisoned on the Imperail island of Guam. Both she and Yuriko manged to escape the prison and the island. But when they returned to Japan (before the Allies' famous campaign for Tokyo) Izumi and Yuriko were met with their mentor Professor Shinji Shimada, who told them about his secret project, Izumi, who believed to be the better subject, tried to kill Yuriko, but Yuriko killed her before she did.

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