Last Chance

Last Chance
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Location: Chicago,IL United States

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Eliminate the Soviet defenses
  • 2. Establish a base
  • 3. Destroy the Psychic Amplifier before it comes online

[edit] Overview

With the Psychic Beacon destroyed, President Dugan and General Carville have evacuated to Canada. But you still have a job in the USA as General Vladimir has advanced his forces into the Midwest, he recently seized control of Chicago and has massed a base and defenses. Your mission is to re-take Chicago and eliminate the Soviets. You will also later realize that you must destroy the Psychic Amplifier which has the same effects as the Psychic Beacon but much more powerful.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin the mission with Rocketeers and some naval units such as the Destroyers and the Amphibious Transports. The Rocketeers will attack the Grand Cannons and have them destroy the cannons, then order your Destroyers to attack the area to the west (which is your landing zone), as you have destroyed the Soviet base, have your Amphibious Transports move to the area and deploy the units inside (which will include an Allied MCV) have the MCV move to the playground near the area and deploy, once you begin building your base, you will receive notice about the Psychic Amplifier and you have around 50 minutes to destroy it so you must build your base and quickly build a Barracks, a War Factory and an airforce command center. Train Grizzly Tanks, G.I.s and maybe some Rocketeers and destroy the Soviet base which is to the North of your base, if you destroy the Flak Cannons to the est you will have reinforcements. However, if you do not have enough time, bypass the base altogether and head right to the Psychic Amplifier. The Amplifier shoudl not be heavily guarded and does not take a lot of firepower.

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