Location: Washington D.C. United States

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Protect the Pentagon
  • 2. Eliminate All Soviet activity in Washington D.C.

[edit] Overview

With the potential Nuclear Threat on Europe elimiated, the European union have officially agree to join President Dugan in liberating the United States from the Soviets. Plus, you also are introduced to Professor Albert Einstein who shows his latest invention, the Prism Tower, which will be a good addition to the Allies. Your mission is to liberate the United States, starting with it's capital which is heavily occupied by the Soviets.

[edit] Tatics

The mission begins with a heavy defense built around the Pentagon and with Amphibious transports heading towards the Pentagon. As you listen to Einstein, Amphibious tansports will deploy units and an Allied MCV where you can establish your base. Your first move is to protect the Pentagon, where the Soviets are going to make an effort to destroy. As you build your base with Prism Towers of your own, have the G.I.s garrison the nearby buildings. Build a Barracks, War factory and airforce command centers for some bombing raids if necessary, build 20 Grizzly Tanks, 30 G.I.s 12 Harriers and even 4 Engineers and a Nighthawk transport (as you can rebuild the national monuments for extra rescource boxes. Have your forces move to the north where the defeneses are the weakest and most fo their own resources are, though you may need to build more forces if need be as your campaign to liberate Washington will not be easy and rebuild the monuments around the area to gain more resources, be careful of Terror Drones as they can decimate your tank divisions.

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