Country: Great Britain
Locale Type: Major City/ National Capital
Population: 8 Million

[edit] Real History

London was discovered in 43 A.D. (though some evidence suggests that the city was discovered during the stone age) by the ancient Romans. During that time, it was one of the biggest towns, than a rebellion against the Roman Empire captured the city and burned it to the ground. As the city was rebuilt, it grew immensely. During ther middle ages, London became the capital of the new Great Britain, then the black plague struck which killed a third of Loindon's population during the mid-14th century. In 1666, London was hit by the great fire which destroyed about a quater of the city. After the fire, the city thrived once again and even improved trade toutes to the rest of continental Europe. Then as World War 2 began and as Germany as conquering continental Europe, Britain was next, and though the Germans did not invade britain by sea, but by air, and London was nearly destroyed by the bombing raids by Germany. But, the British have thwarted the German force and saved not only the city but the entire country. London is still the capital of Great britain and is one of the biggest cities in Europe.

[edit] Yuri's Revenge

  • Allied Campaign
  • As the Allies destroyed Yuri's secret cloning opperation in Sydney, they also defeated the Soviet Union, and with that the world leaders (including President Michael Dugan and Premier Alexander Romanov) were meeting in London to ratify a peace treaty between the Allies and the Soviets. Though, this location was top secret but Yuri has psychically controlled Lieutenant Eva Lee to tell her the location, with that General Ben Carville has ordered the Allies to move to London and defend the Parliment Building where the world leaders are meeting from Yuri who will try to either kill or psychically control the world leaders. But the Allies have defended the building and with that the Soviets have joined the Allies in the battle against Yuri.
  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviets traveled back into time and changed the outcome of the war (with the Allies surrendering and joining the Soviets in their war against Yuri). The Soviets have detected another Psychic Dominator in London. But what the Soviets sooned discovered that Yuri is controling the Allies stationed in London through a Psychic Beacon, the Soviets must destroy the Beacon if they want the Allies to help them, they destroyed the Beacon and the Allies fight with the Soviets against Yuri. Special Agent Tanya Adams along with Boris destroyed the Psychic Dominator before it activated.

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