Lone Guardian

Lone Guardian
Lone Guardian.png
Location: New York,NY United States

[edit] Mission Objectives

  • 1. Keep Tanya alive
  • 2. Protect the Statue of Liberty
  • 3. Re-establish contact with Ft. Bradley
  • 4. Destroy all Soviet Forces

[edit] Overview

The Soviet invasion on the United States of America has begun. All of the American major cities are occupied by the Soviets and the Allied forces are disoriented from this invasion. As being the newest and last of the Allied commanders, you must send the Soviets packing back to their homeland. You will start by liberating New York City, and to protecting the last of the Allied occupied areas of city and re-establish contact with the base known as Fort Bradley. You will guide Special Agent Tanya Adams by beating back the Soviets and get Ft. Bradley back online and eliminate all Soviet forces in the city.

[edit] Tatics

The mission begins as Dreadnaughts bombard the Statue of Liberty, you must order Tanya to eliminate the Dradnaughts before they take down the Statue. After destroying the Dreadnaughts, order Tanya to come onto Liberty Island, though a V-3 Rocket will destroy the Statue and receive a threatening message from Premier Alexander Romanov, but ignore this and order Tanya and the G.I.s to Ft. Bradley which is to the east. As soon as Tanya is at the fort, the fort comes online and soon you can control the fort. In this particular mission, you are limited to the use of infantry. So, train about 30 G.I.s (and maybe some Attack Dogs as well) and attack a small Soviet base to the south, there should not be much to worry about with this base as it is weak, though you might want to watch out for the Sentry Guns to the entrance of th base. Everything on the base must be destroyed. It is not recommended to use Tanya to destroy the base, because of you lose her, it is mission failiure.

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