Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Los-angeles-skyline 1.jpg
Country: United States
Locale Type: Major City
Population: 4 Million

Los Angeles was founded in 1781 by a group of settlers known as the "Los Pobladores". The spanish continued to make the city grow under the viceroyalty of new spain (who occupied the city at the time). Then, after Mexico delcared independence from Spain, it became a ranch for the new Mexican republics. However this city was affected by the Mexican-American war in the mid 1800's and even was attacked by the Americans as the war was nearing an end. As the 1920's came, most movie industries moved to the city to remain in business and to evolve the industry and even more so as the Great Depression came. Then, Los Angeles received a huge boom in population when farmers from the midwest (especially those effected by the dust bowl) decided to move west and leave their former lives in the midwest behind. The city is now the larget city in California and with a lot of movie businesses still in the city and it is home to most Celeberties of either movies and music. The city also hosted 2 summer olympic events and has some of th emost prominent beaches in the U.S.

[edit] Yuri's Revenge

  • Allied Campaign
  • As the Allie stime warped into the past and edestroyed one of Yuri's Psychic Dominator devices while still in development. Intel has discovered that Yuri is using a backup plan to submit men's minds to his will. He is using the American propaganda system to spread some kind of subliminal message, as the Allies were fighting in Los Angeles, they also discovered that Yuri os also controling the people's minds to even be grinded by Yuri's grinder to add to yuri's war fund. With the help of some celeberties in the area, the Allies have put an end to Yuri's occupation in L.A.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Empire Campaign
  • As the Empire defeats the Allied Navy in the Pacific Ocean thanks to one of the Empire's Black Tortoises, the United States is now open to an attack by the Empire of The Rising Sun. Emperor Yoshiro seizes the oppertunity to gain control of the country by capturing the media centers that control the American propaganda system. The Black Tortoise makes landfall on the coast of Los Angeles via the Santa Monica district where the media centers are located. Commander Naomi Shirada has built and sent her forces against the small Allied defense led by Special Agent Tanya Adams. But despite Tanya's best efforts she was defeated by Naomi who went on to capture the media centers, soon thereafter, the United States becoms a part of the Empire.
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