Mammoth Tank

Mammoth Tank
Unit Type: Special Vehicle
Weapon: 2X 125MM Gun
Special Ability: Mammoth Charge

As the Soviet Union lost to the Western Allies at Lenningrad, they had to come up with a way to counter some of their tanks, this is when they start training on the giant Mammoths in Siberia and even use them to be some kind of a tank unit as it is outfitted with 2 125MM Guns on its back, its tusks are also sharpened and even serrated to easily eliminate infantry units, its tusk can even grab air units out of the air and destroy them by slaming them to the ground. Its Special Ability is the mammoth Cahrge, it takes a little time for the mammoth to start trotting, but when it does it will destroy virtually anything on the ground, and though it is amphibious, but it can not attack while swimming, making it vulnerable to naval units

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