Location: Black Forest, Germany

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Protect Einstein's Laboratory
  • 2. Eliminate all Soviet Activity

[edit] Overview

The Allied high command has been ordered to report to Berlin, Germany to come up on how to invade the Soviet Union. You are going there as well but for a different reason, the Soviets have their eyes set on destroying Einstein's Laboratory in Black Forest, because Einstein is a huge assett to the Allied cause, he must be protected. Your mission is to protect his lab at all costs.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin by building up Ore Refineries, a War factory and a battle lab, and a airforce command center to have access to the powerful units and artillery early. Order the Allied MCV to the southwest and reight next to Einstein's lab and build a defense around the lab. As the Soviets destroy the 3 bases to the northeast, they will establish bases of their own. Your first priority is to defend Einstein's lab and the Soviets will have V-3 Launchers so destroy them as soon as you see one. They will also make a run on your own base, defend that as well. You will also have the ability to build Mirage Tanks that do very well in eliminating infantry and does well in tank-on-tank combat (especially against the Soviet Apocalypse Tank) once you can build Mirage tanks, build around 20 of them as well as 8 Prism Tanks and it is smart to train around 3 Engineers and build a nighthawk transport so you can capture Soviet Nuclear reactors (it is best to capture them other than to destroy them). Go after the base to the east, then destroy the second base to the north and then the main base to the northeast. Re-build if need be.

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