Rage of the Black Tortoise

Rage of the Black Tortoise
Empire Mission 6.png
Location: Santa Monica, California, USA
Co-Commander: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Naomi Shirada
Opponent: Allied Crest.jpgSpecial Agent Tanya Adams


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Clear the landing zone
  • 2.Capture the media canters

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Capture the international airport
  • 2.Destroy the observatory cannon
  • 3.Destroy the amusement park

[edit] Overview

With the Western Allies' attempt to invade Japan faltered at sea, Emperor Yoshiro now has ordered to deliver a fatal blow to the Allies, by taking over the United States. But he wants to take over the media centers that control the propaganda for the country. Your mission is to invade Santa Monica and take over the media centers so the United States will be a part of the Empire.

[edit] Tatics

In the intro, you will see that the Black Tortoise destroying most of the defenses guarding the landing zone for your base as well as some houses. Once the way is clear, you will be given an MCV and you can begin your base building. Begin by building generators and ore refineries and even a dojo so you can train Imperial Warriors and when the time comes engineers, but first try to build up your base to build up a good force. Once you can build Tsunami Tanks try using them to destroy the air base to the east part of the battlefield, and capture the international airport to eliminate any Century Bomber threat to your base, once you destroy the small base send out more refinery cores to use the ore mines, it is also wise to build defenders for the attcking Allies. As the mission goes on, you will be given the ability to build the long range bombardment unit, the Wave Force Artillery, try to use them throughout the mission but be careful they can not attack when moving and can not crush infantry, train several engineers for yout take on the media centers, it is iwse to build some defender cores as well, because once you do capture a media center, the Allies will try to take them back. As you lay waste to Santa Monica, it is wise to build a force of mecha tengus and convert them to jets, and have them destroy the observatory cannon to eliminate a threat to your forces as they move north to an Allied base and the other 2 media centers, try to use a good mixture of Tsunami Tanks and Wave Force Artillery units to destory the Allied base, and of curse capture the other 2 media centers.

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