Type: Anti-Surface/Anti-Air
Country of Origin: Russia
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Cost: 1,200
Built at: War Factory
Requirements: N/A
Special Ability: Proto-Jump

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

After the Soviets have heard that the Western Allies have created a mobile artillery unit the Pacifier FAV, the Soviets went ahead and wanted to create a mobile artillery unit of their own, they have used some of their technology used to make the Sickle to create the Reaper. This unit is a mobile missile battery and can take on even some of the toughest tanks and even infantry as well. It also has the same special ability as the Sickle, it jmps into the air which can crush infantry and even some vehicles as well, and it becomes a stationary artillery battery.

  • Limitations

The Reaper has problems in terms of use. It is considerably slower than the Sickle (as it is heavier), it can not take heavy tank fire and unlike the Pacifier FAV which can convert back to a mobile anti-infantry unit, once it uses its proto jump and becomes an artillery battery, it stays that way.

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