Ride of the red menace

Ride of the red menace
Allied Mission 1.png
Location: Brighton Beach, Great Britain
Co-Commander Allied Crest.jpgCommander Giles Price
Opponent: Soviet Crest.jpgGeneral Nicolai Krukov


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Eliminate the Soviets at Brighton
  • 2.Hold out against the incoming Soviets
  • 3.Relpel the Soviet navy

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Garrison 4 civilian structures
  • 2.Capture the Hospital
  • 3.Repair the coastal guns
  • 4.Build 5 Multigunner IFVs

[edit] Overview

As the Soviet Union is advancing its forces across Europe, they are now making their run on Great Britain, now you are the Allied commander who is going to lead the forces in Brighton Beach which the Soviets are making their invasion on.

[edit] Tatics

Because this is the first mission, you are limited to the use of basic units (Peacekeepers and IFVs) so you must move them quickly. The Peacekeepers can hold out against a small Conscript force, but more will be on the way, so have them garrison a few buildings so that they can have a better chance of surviving as the soviets will attack from the south. Train 4 Engineers to repair the 4 coastal gun cannons so that way they can destroy any Soviet naval unit that may come onto the scene. The Soviets will invade Brighton in a series of waves either it be land naval or even air. The first wave will be Conscripts, use either Peacekeepers or Attack Dogs to take them out, do not forget to garrison buildings to defeat the Conscripts whenever possible. Son, you will have the ability to train Javelin Soldiers who can attack armored units, use them for the second and third waves, which can consist of Dreadnaughts, and other naval units. Train enough of these units as possible (but watch your resource count), and built IFVs as soon as you have the ability, and a lot of them because the very last wave will consist of Kirov Airships. Protecting the coastline will score you a well deserved victory.

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