San Francisco

San Francisco
San Francisco.jpg
Country: United States
Locale Type: Major City
Population: 800,000

[edit] Real History

San Francisco was discovered in 1776 by a group of Spanish settlers. This city was once a port town for the Sapnish (and eventually for the Mexicans) and when the Americans have defeated Mexico and claimed the city and once California became a state, a lot fo Americans have settled in into the city. San Francisco was also the focal point for the famous 1849 gold rush and which the city became one of the richest and most populated on the west coast U.S. Though, San Francisco would also face some tragedy when in 1906 it was hit by an 8.0 earthquake and a fire that followed which destroyed nearly 3/4 of the city. But the city was quickly rebuild, and thriving again. It was also the site of some of the worst criminals in the U.S. as Alctraz Island was established in the early 1920's, which was a high-secreity prison and very hard to escape (the prison closed in 1964). San Francisco is till one of the finest cities on the west coast as it has some of the finest bridges in California (including the famous Golden Gate Bridge) and still has porting businesses in the city.

[edit] Yuri's Revenge

  • Allied Campaign
  • Several months after the Western Allies defeated the Soviet Union at Moscow and captured Premier Alexander Romanov. His former advisor Yuri has revealed again to unveil his latest plan to dominate the world, and has constructed a system of Psychic Dominators all over the world one of such devices is on Alcatraz Island. As that device begins to activate, President Michael Dugan orders an air strike to destroy the device. But the air strike has met with heavy defenses around the island and failed to destroy the device, but not failed to power down the device long enough for Professor Albert Einstein to let the Allies use his time machine to transport the forces back in time to destroy yuri's Psychic Dominator devices while they are still in production, but met with a small Soviet force also trying to use the machine, but the Allies were first to use the machine and transport back in time, and they transported to the beginning of the war, after the Allies defeat the Soviet invasion in San Francisco, they let Special Agent Tanya Adams swim out to Alcatraz Island and destroy the Psychic Dominator.
  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviet Union was still reeling from their defeat to the Allies. They receive news about Yuri's Psychic Dominator devices being used on the world, and that one is powered down in San Francisco, they rushed there and defeated a small Allied defense and captured the time machine before the Allies were to use it. However, the Soviets used too much power and time warped to the time of the dinosuars, it took several more seconds to co-ordinate the machine, and some Soviet soliders died while defending the machine and themselves from the dinosaurs. The Soviets eventually made it to their destination in time, during their first occupation in the United States, their commando named Boris used an amphibious transport to cross the bay and onto the Island where the Psychic Dominator still in development is and with an air strike of his own, he destroyed the device.
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