Steel Ronin

Steel Ronin
Steel Ronin.jpg
Type: Anti-Armor
Country of Origin: Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Cost: 1,600
Built at: Instant Mecha Bay
Requirements: * Nanotech Mainframe
  • Mecha Bay Upgrade
Special Ability: Super Wave Force

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

Crown Prince Tatsu during the twilight of the past war, had ordered many Nano robotic companies across Japan to make another giant robot that can be piloted by soldiers on the ground. This is when they came up with the Steel Ronin. The Steel Ronin is a technological breakthrough and somewhat more advanced than the King Oni. This is because the Ronin can move faster around the battlefield and it uses a plasma laced Naginata called the Wave Force Glaive, and its specialty is to destroy enemy tanks and other vehicles. Its special ability is the super wave force, which the Ronin can use all of the energy in his Naginata to destroy a good number of units who are attacking.

  • Limitations

The Steel Ronin has a few problems. It has to attack up close and can not fight from a distance making long range units hard to defeat on the battlefield. Infantry are the biggest threat to the Ronin as they can run circles around it and it can be difficult to target precisely.

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