Tank Bunker

Tank Bunker
Affiliation: Yuri's Faction
Cost: 400
Requires: Yuri's Construction Yard
Power: 0

This is the Tank Bunker an excellent idea of Yuri's scientist. It's main purpose is to prevent enemy's rush attacks that directly targets your Construction Yard. Most of Allied and Soviet tanks can easily be targeted and eliminated by any forces, Yuri's forces can simply order tank units to move into these tank bunkers in order to acquire maximum protection from enemy fire. This is very advantageous on tank to tank battle. When any tank unit is inside the tank bunker, there is a way to eliminate the tank rather the bunker itself. There are only two ways to eliminate it, one is to used a Factions Super weapon and target a tank bunker. The last way to eliminate it is using aircraft's such as Harrier or a Kirov Airship.

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