Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Cost: 1500
Requires: Soviet Radar Tower
Power: - 75

The Tesla Coil was feared by the allies because of the thunder. Within certain radius when Tesla Coil spots an enemy it begins to power up and generate powerful electric bolt. Tesla Coils lightning is very deadly for any enemy infantry and may deal heavy damage to enemy tank units. Soviets can also increase the power of Tesla Coils sending some Tesla Troopers near it. When enemy arrive on the Tesla Coils range, they will begin to charge Tesla Coils, increasing maximum damage amount that it's bolt can inflict. When the base is has no power the Tesla Coil can still work and serves as a back up defense armory, of course you just needed two Tesla Troopers near the Tesla Coil and it will be activated. Nikola Tesla was the one who invented the Tesla Coil, but they are still used by Soviets since the first war.

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